Will my regular insurance cover me during a track day?

Probably! Although this is not a black and white answer since it depends on your individual insurance carrier. There are a few factors that may be required by your insurance in order to cover you during a track day, and we make sure we cover them all. These are:

  • Our track days are instructional events aimed at you improving your driving skills. They are not meant as practice for racing. There are be briefings available to learn the intricacies of the track and to provide you with some driving tips and knowledge. Some events may also have professional drivers or instructors to help out and/or to ride in the car with you (An instructor does not need to be in the car with you for you insurance to cover you, but it wouldn't hurt!).
  • That being said, our events are also not racing events.
  • You will not be timed. You are attending the event to improve your skills and have some fun, not to improve your lap times.

Something else that may affect whether you are covered is how modified your car is. It will help if you're driving a stock car vs a highly modified Ariel Atom running on slicks and race fuel.

Either way, we recommend you either read the fine print on your insurance contract or call them directly to ask if you are covered since each provider has different rules and they vary from state to state.

If your insurance does not cover you, we may be able to offer you or at least help you find event insurance that will cover you for the track day.

Please call Paddock Services or email us if you have any more questions!

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