How do I redeem a benefit?

It depends on whether it's a coupon benefit or cash-back benefit.


For coupon benefits such as K1 Speed:

1. Print, copy or download the coupon code, or click through to the website (the partner page will tell you how to do it).

2.Enjoy your discount!


For Cash-back benefits such as McLaren-Honda:

1. Make sure you click through to the partner's website via the orange "Redeem" button on the partner page in the Paddock.

2. Buy a little stuff or lots of stuff, it's up to you. (Feel free to send us some of that stuff too).

3. Fill out the redemption for by clicking HERE. To keep things easy you'll need a copy of your order.

4. We'll send you the cash back directly to your PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, contact us to arrange an alternate way of sending your money.

5. Buy more stuff with the cash you just earned.


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